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Sad Passing of Floyd David Moore Sr.


My Dad was career Special Agent which afforded us the opportunity to travel across 
the U.S. as his career progressed. These were his posts of duty:
   2/1953  to  4/1963     Corpus Christi, Texas ( Agent )
   4/1963  to  7/1964     Houston, Texas ( Agent )
   7/1964  to  3/1967     Cheyenne, Wyoming ( Chief, Intelligence Div. )
  ( 11/1965 to 12/1966  Detailed to New Orleans, Louisiana as head of strike force unit )
   3/1967  to  9/1967     Birmingham, Alabama ( Chief, Intelligence Div. )
   9/1967  to  10/1973   New Orleans, Louisiana ( Chief, Intelligence Div. )
   10/1973 to  12/1977  Austin, Texas ( Chief, Intelligence Div. )
 Dad retired in December, 1977 making way for me to become an Agent. I was sworn in two months later.
 I have attached his complete obituary hoping it would be helpful as well as a picture. If there is anything else you need or that I can do to help, please let me know. If you are able to place notice of his passing or his obituary in your publication.
Thanks Again,
Dave Jr.