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William R. Schroeder Receives Honorary Membership Award

On December 4, 2019, Past President Peggy Thomas and Parliamentarian Bob Armentrout met with William R. Schroeder and presented him with an AFSA Honorary Membership.

William R. Schroeder is the President of Madison Associates, Inc. He respects and holds in high regard the many retired IRS-CI Special Agents he has hired or contracted in his business. In fact, 80% of his staff are retired IRS Special Agents.

William Schroeder contacted AFSA to establish and administer the James F. Howe, Sr. Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 2012 and continues to be funded almost entirely by William R. Schroeder in memory and honor of James F. Howe, Sr. James F. Howe, Sr. was a retired IRS-CI Special Agent, an AFSA member and Madison Associates Inc. employee. The goal of this scholarship is to recognize the character, integrity and dedication James F. Howe, Sr. exemplified and to memorialize his high standards as a model for those who follow him in a law enforcement career.

It was my pleasure and honor to present this award to such a deserving individual who was truly honored by the award.

Peggy Thomas

Past President AFSA-IRS