Continued Personal & Professional Relationships for Members


AFSA promotes fraternal relationships via local chapter meetings throughout the US and at our annual conventions. AFSA now offers a college scholarship to descendants of members. AFSA also provides a death benefit to assist the survivors of AFSA members who die in the line of duty as special agents. Details of all AFSA Benefits are:

Membership Directory

The membership directory is continuously available to members in the Members-only section of this website or annually by mail if a member so chooses.

AFSA/IRS Newsletter

Mailed to members three times per year, each newsletter contains articles of interest including information on retirement benefits and employment opportunities; updates on current CI issues, including articles by the Chief (CI); profiles of retirees’ employment ventures; and honors and recognition bestowed upon AFSA-IRS members. Much of the information included in the newsletters is also available in the Members-only section of this website.

Discount Benefits for AFSA Members

AFSA joined a newly formed organization with our law enforcement partner retirees from eleven other federal agencies, the National Association of Federal Law Enforcement Officers (NAFLEO.)

This organization was solely established to obtain benefits for each respective agency. The leg work and research has already been done. The NAFLEO found a Group Participating Organization (GPO) vendor group named UNA. This is a turnkey member benefits program that has a diverse network of organizations that includes associations, national franchises, financial institutions, executive networks and marketing firms. With this, great benefits and discount rates were obtained. Additionally, there are no costs to the members. The nationwide benefits are free. By pulling over 20,000 law enforcement retirees into this one larger organization, UNA provided NAFLEO members access **to deals related to travel and entertainment. This is for our AFSA Members-Only, so you need to go into the website to access the benefits. You will see two (2) links that members can utilize to access the hotel and entertainment benefits packages. The hotel site requires a member’s name and password.

Legal Shield, which is a nationwide legal service company, agreed to provide large discounted legal assistance rates to members who elect to avail themselves of the services. There are no monthly fees until used. There are no costs to the agency or other members. The discounted fees apply only to the member that utilizes the service. The legal site for NAFLEO is listed on the Members-Only page:

Liability Insurance

AFSA provides a source of liability insurance from a company that specializes in insuring investigators. Members can contact the Yergey Insurance Agency, Inc., 10550 Linden Lake Plaza, Suite 100, Manassas, VA 20109, telephone 800/683-1226. Yergey has established similar insurance programs for other retiree law enforcement orgainzations. The AFSA Executive Director can also provide information on Yergey’s insurance program.

Annual Convention

AFSA/IRS holds an annual convention, typically in the fall (September or October). See the convention section for more information on this annual gathering of AFSA members. Typical events include a continuing education seminar, items of general interest to all retirees, and activities for social interaction.

AFSA/IRS Scholarship

AFSA offers a $2,000 college scholarship for children and grand children of AFSA members. Procedures and the application form can be found here.

AFSA-IRS currently administers two scholarship programs, the AFSA-IRS Memorial Scholarship and the James F. Howe, Sr. Scholarship. Details regarding the scholarships can be found here.