Continued Personal & Professional Relationships for Members


AFSA was formally established in 1988 by a group of ten organizers located in the Washington, D.C. area. The formal organization, chartered in Virginia, was an outgrowth of a loose-knit group of retirees who desired to stay in touch with each other and maintain a commonality of interest with their former active-duty special agents and friends. This group met for luncheons on a monthly basis, and they published a listing of former special agents throughout the U.S. until the year 1979. The Association formed in 1988 is chartered as a fraternal organization under the IRS exempt provisions. Its fundamental purpose is to provide a means to keep continued contact with former co-workers and provide for networking for those interested in sharing information about employment opportunities. The Association annually publishes a directory of members to facilitate communication and reflects those who seek employment. AFSA publishes a newsletter on a quarterly basis to share information about members’ activities and honors, and to keep membership informed about AFSA events. An annual meeting is conducted in various locations throughout the U.S. to provide for social interaction and to conduct the Association’s major business.