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Fundraiser for Randolph Gregory 12th year of ALS Battle

Whether you know him as a devoted family member or friend, longtime and inspirational collegiate basketball coach and colleague at CCBC Catonsville, or a former distinguished special agent for the United States Treasury, Randy Gregory has and continues to positively impact countless lives. Stricken with the progressive and degenerative neurological disease known as ALS in his forties, Randy has inspired all with his faith, hope, positivity, and passion during an 11-year courageous fight with this horrible disease. The Baltimore region has already been touched by and embraced ALS heroes. We are asking you to help this ALS hero, Randy Gregory.
Randy’s $10,800 monthly expenses include $9,000 for critical in-home caregivers (30 days per month x 24 hours per day x $12.50 per hour); $750 for food, supplies and living expenses; $500 for vehicle maintenance medical equipment purchase and maintenance, and uncovered medical expenses; a $400 accessible van payment; and $150 for health insurance premiums. His monthly income is just under half this monthly expense. After depleting all savings over 11 years, Randy will experience a $5,500 monthly shortfall starting no later than this December 1, 2021.
A group of his friends and family members are launching this project to provide him three years of literally life support. Please consider being one of 100 annual sponsors at $660 net per year or $55 per month; 200 annual sponsors at $330 net per year or $27.50 per month; or 400 annual sponsors at $165 net per year or $13.75 per month. Any donation is most appreciated, there are no monthly commitments, and all contributions are highly valued by Randy.
Randy and his family and caregivers sincerely thank you for your support of his need. In the unlikely event of any unused funds, remaining contributions will be donated to ALS charities and/or scholarship funds in Randy’s honor and according to his wishes.